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Nothing can prepare you for the trauma of a car accident, whether you where at fault or another driver. Nonetheless, the bill to fix or even replace your car or the other person's car shouldn't be a shocker if you have car insurance. That's why AIC Insurance has partnered with some of South Africa's leading motor vehicle insurance companies, all of which have good track records in paying out when you claim. Too often clients focus on the cost of insurance, and forget about an insurance companies track record when it comes to paying out. Insurance is there to help you pay for the repair or replacement, and the last thing you need is to have to fight for your claim to be paid out.

There are many things that could cause you to be in an accident. Fatigue is one example, where you might have been too tired to be driving, and your insistence led to you crashing on someone else's car or property. With this sort of accident, your best bet against massive losses is to have comprehensive car insurance. This type of insurance covers not only you and your own car, but the car or property of the victim, in other words, it includes third party cover. Because of its nature however, and the items it covers, comprehensive car insurance tends to be more expensive than say third party, fire and theft cover, or just third party only cover. That's just comparing the products of one company, and the price differences in what you pay as premiums can be even further apart between different insurers. However, whether you take up comprehensive cover, or something as simple as third party liability cover, your decision would be to take up some sort of insurance. The monthly premiums are no doubt grudge payments, but the downside of not having any insurance are worse.

Can you imagine the financial constraints your family would find itself into if you where to die in a car crash? And what about the family of your victim? A good insurance company will offer you products that consider all the possible downsides, and with this quotes you premiums that reflect the best possible profile for your needs. However, be wary of ridiculously cheap insurance that may sound great on paper but not materialize to much when you really need your insurer to be on your side. Once you're ready to buy insurance, mare you have your financial planning in order, because there's no point in taking up car insurance and being unable to pay your premiums 6 or 9 months later for example. Your money would simply go down the drain, and your record would point south. That means that the next time you do purchase cover, you might be considered riskier since you have a history of non-payments. We have made the AIC website a great starting point to learn about what you need to equip yourself with to buy the right motor insurance for you, so what are you waiting for? Get cover today!

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We offer motor car insurance offers from a variety of South Africa's top insurance companies. We deal with only the best companies who have long standing record of providing cover and who payout on claims. Why have insurance if your insurer is going to give you a hard timewhen you need to claim.

There are number of factors which contribute to a claim being settled. Motor accidents may be as a result of health related incidents, eg. driver fatuige, or alternatively be due to ancillary causes, such as: drunk driving. If you are under the influence of alcohol and are involved in an accident - you are not covered. Same goes for driving under the influence of drugs. Law enforcement agencies have many new hi-tech measuring devices that no longer require blood samples for drug and alcohol detection, making on the spot convictions a new reality.