Protect your life, car and dignity


AIC tailors illness & benefit cover to suit your specific needs. Illness benefits are available froma variety of partners when they are unable to attend work due to illness, subject to certain provisions. Cover is offered on a flexible basis and may be chosen from the first day of illness, or can be selected according to a deferred period, e.g. 30 days. The benefit payment comprises a percentage of members earnings, depending on individual specific requirements.

In the event of the Permanent Disability of an Employee, compensation, in accordance with the extent of such disability,
as set out in the column below, shall be payable to the Employee and 100% (one hundred percent) compensation shall
be R30 000 (thirty thousand Rand).
Under no circumstances shall more than an aggregate of R30 000 (thirty thousand Rand) be payable in respect of any
Employee, notwithstanding that such Employee may on more than one occasion suffer Permanent Disability or that such
Employee may qualify for compensation under more than 1 (one) item under Permanent Disability shall mean in the
column below.
The maximum disability benefit is R30 000 and claims are calculated on a percentage of compensation dependant on the
degree of injury.
Where the injury is not specified, the Insurer will pay such sum as it determines to be consistent with the above
provisions. Permanent total loss of use of part of the body shall be treated as loss of such part.
The benefit is applicable to any injury caused by accident, assault, injury on duty (IOD) or motor vehicle accident (MVA).
The injuries are to be external and visible.
Certain standard exclusion clauses apply.

The following legislation and Code of Conduct govern the products:
-Republic of South Africa, Long-Term Insurance Act, 1998;
-Regulations under the Long-Term Insurance Act, 1998; Section 49:
-Limitation on Remuneration to Intermediaries;
-Life Offices Association (LOA) of South Africa Code of Conduct;

The illness benefit provides you with the assurance that you will receive a portion of your income in the event of absence from work due to illness, disability or specifically prolonged illnesses. Quotations are available on request.