Protect your life, car and dignity


AIC offers Group Funeral Schemes on a voluntary or compulsory membership basis (compulsory group discounts are available). For affordable family funeral policies, please see

Single Master Group Policy, with individual Membership Certificates. The Plan can be established on a compulsory or voluntary
membership basis. Compulsory group discounts are available.
The Family Plan covers the Principal Member (older of joint status), spouse and up to a maximum of 4 children.
The Single Parent Plan covers a single member, with or without children.
The Single Member Plan covers individuals.
The premium is payable monthly in advance. The cover is a fixed sum assured whole of life group risk product that ceases on the
death of the Principal Member.
Two premium-paying options are available:
A: For the duration of Principal Member's life, or
B: Until Principal Member's 65th birthday, thereafter cover becomes paid up
Algoa Insurance Company Limited can receipt premiums via cash, debit order, stop order, Persal or the Post Office, as required.
A sum assured of R3 000, R5 000, R7 500 or R10 000 may be selected. The Principal Member, Spouse and Children (14 - 21)
are covered for 100% of the sum assured. Children aged 6 - 13 are covered for 50% of the sum assured and children aged 0 -
5 are covered for 25% of the sum assured.
Children over age 21 who are still full-time students are included (max age = 26, unless physically handicapped or disabled).
Eligibility is restricted to the following age limits:
Whole Life : Family Plan & Single Parent Plan - 20 to 59.
Single Member Plan - 20 to 74.
Paid Up : Family Plan & single Parent Plan - 20 to 54.
Single Member Plan - 20 to 54.
Various waiting periods apply in respect of claims occasioned by certain causes:
A 90-day period is allowed for claims notification and a further 30 days for complete submission.
Standard repudiation clauses in respect of suicide, non-disclosure and late notification apply.

These schemes provide funeral cover for the Principal Member and/or his/her immediate family (spouse and children). Benefit payments and premium will vary according to the group risk profile. Please contact AIC to request a quotation for your company.