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The Extended Family Funeral Benefit (EFFB) is offered as an ancillary benefit to the Group Funeral Scheme. It has been designed for members who require financial aid upon the death of a family member (spouse or child) or extended family member (sibling, parent or parents-in-law, aunt or uncle, cousin). Only employees who are already members of an existing funeral plan through AIC Insurance will qualify for this benefit. See here for groups.

The EFFB continues until such time that the Principal Member would have attained age 65, attains normal retirement age or terminates employment, whichever comes first. The maximum entry age is 75 years of age for extended family members.

The benefit is flexible and can be selected according to the following units of cover:

One unit

R1 000

Two units

R2 100

Three units

R3 300

Four units

R4 500

Five units

R5 800

Six units

R7 000

Seven units

R8 300

Eight units

R9 600

Only one unit can be selected for all extended family members covered under this benefit.

Monthly premiums per unit of cover will vary according to the age profile of the dependent.