Protect your life, car and dignity


Since our establishment more than 34 years ago, AIC has and provided short and long-term insurance cover to more than 22,000 clients. Thats a very long time indeed! At heart, we are a small, close knit “family unit”, with collective years of service totaling 136 years amongst the 14 staff happily working together.

If you had to describe our team, appropriate words or phrases would include: results driven with an open door relaxed policy; strong sense of community needs; taking pride in what we do and the way we do it, having built professional relationships through long-standing associations with our clients and a strong emphasis on excellent turn-around times. All of which is helped through our extensive admin support structure.

Our mission statement

AIC Insurance aims to provide superior products and services by continually improving their products and methods to meet and exceed the challenge of their competitors. At AIC Insurance, we strive to:

  • identify and satisfy the needs of clients and provide solutions for their requirements.
  • work as a team at all times by maintaining co-operation, friendliness and support to colleagues.
  • focus on efforts to stop all activities and behaviours that waste time, money and energy and identify and solve problems that limit success.
  • constantly improve the quality of products and level of service excellence.